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I think I found my sport

It's Aqua-Aerobics!

I tried it Friday, and while I think I ought to keep trying out the "regular" classes, this one hooked me on several levels:
  • I'm a natural at this. My fat middle floats, and my stick-arms and stick-legs glide through the water with almost no resistance, making it easy for me to move around.
  • When you screw something up, because you're doing 95% of it underwater, nobody can tell!
  • I wasn't the fattest or clumsiest person in the class.
  • There was a lot more comraderie amongst the people in the class than I've found in floor classes, where nobody talks to each other. In this one we were making each other laugh.
  • Because you're in cold water you don't sweat! This means I don't leave class all stinky.
  • Whether I put my head under is optional. If I want to go somewhere after class, I make sure my bathing cap is tight for the parts where we float on our backs. If I don't care what I look like, chlorinated water does wonderful things to gold-blonde hair. :-)
  • Chlorinated water is also wonderful if you've got oily skin like mine.
  • There's a sauna in the same area where you can hang out, dry off, and let your pores open afterwards.
I'm hooked.

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