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White, White, White is the Color of Our Carpets!

Today I tried using a new cleaning device. It's the only one of my cleaning devices to which Warren has given a name.

It's a Hoover carpet and upholstery steam cleaner (it really uses hot water extraction). I bought it a while back when I gave dimakoi my old one after using it at her apartment.

Why the title? When I was a kid I'd wanted off-white carpeting in my bedroom. I was a clean kid who never tracked mud into the house. Nonetheless, my parents wouldn't let me have it, instead forcing me to get (ugh) hot pink.

When I got my house I decided I was finally going to get that off-white carpeting I'd always wanted. I went to the carpeting store, picked up three different off-white samples, and tried each in the rooms. I settled upon one called "Arctic White." As soon as Fuzzball entered the room I realized why I'd picked the color; it turns out I'd chosen Bichon Frise-colored carpeting! One of my friends suggested I never allow black olives in my house so I'd be able to distinguish the dog from the carpet.

Fast forwarding to the present, for the first time this week, Lady acted up. She decided to leave a "surprise" in front of my bed, so I decided This Is it. I was going to finally inaugurate this carpet cleaning device.

You should see it. It has five brushes, 12HP, and headlights. Yes, headlights. I have no idea why it needs headlights, but it has them. Warren decided it looked like the front of a bus, hence the name.

I spent the last 2.5 hours on part of my bedroom carpet and the sewing/guest room carpet. That thing is amazing. This is the cleanest my carpets have looked since I moved in (the floor people and movers dirtied my carpets before I ever got to walk on them...oh well...).

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