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Diet, Shmiet - Sometimes You Need a Drink

I've been really stressed out lately. Things have been piling up to trigger my "hot spots." This afternoon Warren got all upset and walked out of the car -- into oncoming traffic -- and disappeared for several hours. (Chasing him with my car and on foot didn't work; he hid. Then he realized he'd left his cell phone at home. Oops.)

Eventually Warren turned up at a pay phone at a nearby strip mall. I picked him up and brought him home after he'd walked around eight or nine miles. After making us a light supper, I updated the driving directions on the Consonance web page.

Warren then got all excited and "informed" me that Sharon Osbourne was up next on Letterman. I really didn't feel like budging, as I had work to do, but after he got all bent out of shape the night before when I screamed in pain after he turned up the volume on the TV so I "could hear" the Top 10 list (which I was diligently trying to ignore -- it was that loud), I figured I'd better go in or else my ears would hurt again.

I was all frazzled from being disrupted so much today and decided I had to do something. I avoid booze when I'm actively being stressed because it seems to amplify my stress, but given that the stressors had mostly passed, I decided a teensy snifter of Armagnac wouldn't hurt. I then had a teensy bit of single malt Scotch with a slice of toaste wtih orange-honey spread (which actually would've gone better with the Armagnac; must remember that).

I now feel much better.

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