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o/~ "It's quarter past three...." o/~

Okay, so the lyrics are slightly off.

I got Dr. Burt to prescribe me Vicodin for my horrendous sinus pains. It did help them, but my cramps are still there. It mitigated them, but it didn't do away with them, which is why I'm up. I'm getting dribs and drabs of sleep as the Vicodin peaks and then wears off. I can't take another till 4am, so I'm stuck.

In another window I'm typesetting "Not The Man." Any other time it'd go really fast, but it's really hard when you're trying to push through godawful pain. I only got done about half as much as I could have at work today because of the pain.

It's tempting to have a drink to help the cramps -- my friend Ruth Anne swears by Vicodin and a good beer -- but I'm afraid I'd be the one to die or permanently screw myself up from such a mix, so I don't dare.

The one good thing about the Vicodin, as I said, is it did kill the sinus headache. I am finally able to tolerate listening to plain music for more than a couple of minutes.

Today I was wishing I had my Pat Boone CD at work. I like novelty music. Yesterday I found a recording of the grunge rock classic "Black Hole Sun" as done by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. It was pretty weird; my kind of music. The two of them have gone up in my "coolness" ratings.

On my way home from work I came up with an idea for this year's Totally Tasteless and Tacky Revue at ConChord. The one I did last year was relatively lame compared to some of my others. I had done a version of Enya's "Orinoco Flow" using only a ukulele, one voice, and Gerry Tyra's cheezy reverb unit. It's ironic that I can't come up with anything new to do for my own con, yet I can come up with stuff for a con that isn't taking place till August. OTOH, it gives me plenty of time to come up with the props and the dance routine (yes, it's a song and dance number). I usually incorporate my TTTR acts into my regular act after I do them at ConChord, not before.

I've got the whole house to myself tonight, which means I'm noticing every little noise instead of wondering what Warren's watching on TV in the den. Now that Warren has cleaned out the fridge, I quietly took stock of what's missing so I can replace it the next time I go to the store.

Damn...why is it so easy to babble here while I can't do diddly on the music typesetting in the other window?

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