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Zicam(tm) Is My Friend

Monday morning I learned I have health insurance. I also got a cold, complete with sneezing, chills, a sore throat, sinus headache, and general run-downness. I started snorting Zicam per the instructions.

Two days later I had enough energy to make it through an interview. I was able to get through it without sneezing, although I had to take four ibuprofen gelcaps beforehand to combat the sinus headache.

I've had to curtail my activity somewhat, cutting my aqua aerobics classes (getting into a chilly swimming pool when you have the chills is a recipe for disaster, IMHO), but I've been meeting deadlines with my contractors. At the rate I'm going I expect to be back to something resembling normal health by the time Consonance starts -- thanks to that zinc gluconate nasal gel.

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