Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

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Somewhere a long-dead Yorkshire Terrier is cursing me out....

I had my weekly phone conversation with Mom today. It was brief because she had company. I told her about yesterday and the dog and Fuzzball's ashes.

Mom said, "You know, I finally figured out what to do with Djinn-Djinn," referring to the ashes of the family Yorkshire Terrier who died shortly before I got Fuzzball. "You remember how he used to like to walk around the perimeter of the property?"

"Mom," I exclaimed, "he didn't like to do it; I trained him to do that!"

"Whatever," she replied. "Before I moved, I walked around the perimeter of the property where he used to go and deposited his ashes."

If dogs have an afterlife, somewhere that poor animal is cursing me out.
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