Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

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Prednisone Follies

The prednisone is getting to me. I feel like being really violent even though I don't have the energy to be that way. The other day I wanted to rip the head off something. I was in the produce department at Albertson's, but I didn't think the management would appreciate it if I fell over while trying to manually bisect a clump of celery (I figure they wouldn't care about the bisecting part if I paid for it).

Tonight I got the munchies. I get weird cravings, and most of my cravings over the last few days have been for protein. Lots and lots of protein. I am craving protein so much I could probably do the Atkins diet for the next few days while I'm still on the stuff and not notice how little I can eat. Tonight I satisfied my munchies with a grilled cheese sandwich made with low-cal bread, low-fat high-calcium cheese, bacon bits (all the flavor, way less grease), and butter flavored spray. I have been craving eggs and fish, but I didn't feel like making the extra mess an omelette or scramble would've made, nor did I feel like waiting for fish from the freezer to cook (I didn't feel like going out and buying fresh).

I've been managing to keep my eating in check. Given that I'm terrified I'll have some kind of mood swing in a business situation, I've been extra anal about avoiding sugar, even at night.
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