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Meme and such

First of all, please excuse me for being behind on LJ. I have not had any time to read LJ until today. I've been spending much of today resting and catching up on LJ, but I also did a phone interview (it went well) and some work.

Shamelessly stolen from many folks:

Do you like having your picture taken?

Not especially. I don't photograph well.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

The UK. I've never been there, and having just met several e-friends from there in person, I'm more curious than ever about the place.

Have you ever done crossword puzzles?

Yes. Grandmom always bought puzzle books, and I did whatever puzzles she didn't like to do.

Pick up the closest book and write a sentence at random from it.

"Changing the COM port or the baud rate closes the COM port and reopens it if it was already open." (karusu_sama should find this especially amusing.) -- ImageCraft C Compiler and development environment for Motorola HC12 Version 6

Do the same with a lyric from either a CD or the radio:

"It covered up her baby boobies
Grandma's Training Bra."
- Grandma's Training Bra, from "The Filk Was Great..."
(Yes, that really IS the nearest CD to me right now!)

Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams?


Can you sing?

I think so. Other folks think so, too.

Do you ever sing to yourself while doing everyday tasks?


What's your favorite color of Post-It Note?

Either light blue or neon pink.

Have you ever lied to get off the phone or out of talking to someone online?


Is your VCR flashing 12:00 all the time?

No. I read the manual.

Do you read your horoscope?

Rarely. Sun sign horoscopes are a joke.

Would you rather chew gum or use mouthwash and why?

Mouthwash. Mouthwash works faster, whereas chewing gum makes me hungry, and then you've got this wad of ick in your mouth. It's also impolite in many circles, and you can choke on it.

How many times a year about are you sick?

I try not to keep track.

Ever been in an airplane?

Many times. It comes with the territory when you live on one coast and the rest of your family lives on the other one.

What radio station do you listen to most?

KLIV. (I get paid to say that. ;-) )

Do you know how to play dominoes?

Only the Palm version of the game.

What color are your eyes?

Grayish/light Blue.

How many surveys have you filled out this lifetime?

I haven't kept track.

Name one person your life is made better by.


Can you do math with ease?

Yes. I'm the gal who took calculus her senior year in HS just to see what it was.

Are you a vegetarian?


How about an aspiring actor/actress?

Kinda sorta. I'm more of an aspiring entertainer.

Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Name some of your passions in life.

Warren, Bichon Frises (especially Lady), comedy, music, SF, food, gadgets.

What's your least favorite time of day?


What color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes?

Dark red.

Ever listen to classical music?


Have you ever said 'lol' in real life without thinking about it?


What is the best present you've ever given someone else?

That's tough to answer, as the recipient would be the judge.

What is the best present someone else has ever given to you?

When Mom, out of the blue, paid off my 2nd mortgage on the condo.

Do you wear a watch?

Yes. As Dad used to say, "Without your watch, you're naked."

Write one sentence stating what you want people to say about you after you've passed on.

"Her achievements live on."

Describe the ideal superpower and what you would do if you had it.

Teleportation. Ah, the airfare I'd save!

Name something you've done in the last 24 hours no matter how big or small.

Finished working on a book and got it out to print.

Do you wear necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings?

I often wear necklaces. I have one or two bracelets I wear on special occasions. I almost never wear earrings, haven't worn a ring in years, and never wear anklets (I don't own any).

What's on your computer desk?

A CD-RW drive, Advil, a bottle of Crystal Geyser, an empty coffee cup, some notes, my watch, a digital thermometer to meter the room temperature (when Warren says "it's hot in here," I can look at it and say, "no it isn't"), a pen, a bottle of generic Benadryl the dog chewed a bit (she got the bottom, but missed the top and the pills).

When you're talking do you ever use your hands to do quotation marks in the air when saying certain words?


Do you think you're pretty?

No. Never have been. :-(

What's in your fridge right now?

Assorted beers, a half-consumed split of champagne, milk, low-cal cran-razz juice cocktail, orange juice, cheeses, turkey bologna, peanut butter, regular and unsalted butter, low-cal margarine, assorted hot sauces, ketchups, and mustards, maple and diet pancake syrups, all-fruit orange marmalade, bread, eggs, salad fixings, wines, some boxes of cereal (keeps the ants away), break and bake cookies, diet marzipan, liquid instant coffee, superglue, salad dressings, apple juice, apple butter, pumpkin butter, coffee beans.

How many people do you live with?

Technically, I live alone with my dog. In practice, Warren spends an awful lot of time here.

What is the strangest thing you've ever done?

With three other people, walked into a Burger King at 6pm in concert dress, and sang parodies of Burger King jingles -- in four part harmony (I was the "A" in the "SATB").

Name an instrument you've never played but would like to.

The flute.

Have you ever been on TV or the radio?

Do chickens have wings? I get paid to be on the radio!

What is the worst thing anyone could ever do to you?

Torture me to death.

Are you a fast typer?

Yes. I think I'm at about 99wpm online. I clocked in at 65wpm on a typewriter, and that was because I didn't know you weren't supposed to go back and correct your mistakes.

Describe how you sleep.

Bundled up, preferably with my dog snuggled up to me.

Have you ever read a book and not understood it? If so which one?


Do people pick up your slang language more than you pick up theirs?


Have you ever bought anything just because it was a fad?

No. I buy things because I like them.

What would you like to do with your life?

Get my own nationally broadcast TV show.

Do you bite your nails?


Tell me about your dream last night.

I was opening for "Weird Al" Yankovic in Atlantic City as a surprise for my mother's 70th birthday.

Are people's perceptions of you usually correct?

It depends upon their perception. Many folks are surprised to find I'm not at all in person the way they thought I'd be based on my "online" personality.

When they start sending rockets to the moon for us civilians, will you be on the list to go?

Probably. Depends on a) the cost, b) what you could do en route and when you got there and c) how safe those rockets were.

Have you ever written anything on your skin?


What color are most of your clothes?

I'd say I have more blue garments than garments of any other color, but blue comes in many hues.

Are things as bad as they seem?


Do you like to look people in the eye?

It's not a matter of "like." I was browbeaten by my father into always looking folks in the eye, which isn't easy for me because I've got weak eye muscles that make my eyes want to drift out.

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