Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

The LJ Meme

Shamelessly stolen from several others....
Person that introduced you to LJ? ladymondegreen, almeda, and khaosworks

Still friends with this person? I hope so!!! :-)

Who have you introduced to Live Journal? dimakoi and others.

List everyone on your friends list you have met in person: adamselzer, allisona, almeda, ambar, anach, angilong, artbeco, ataniell93, autographedcat, bardiclug, bardling, batyatoon, blackfyr, branna, cacie, cadhla, carolhiggy, cellio, chaoswolf, chatworthy, chriso, dafydd, dglenn, dimakoi, drewkitty, emberleo, filker0, filkerdave, filkergem, firecat, fleetfootmike, flower_cat, folkmew, freyjaw, gridlore, hellloooonurse, hitchhiker, hrrunka, it_aint_easy, jerusha, jhitchin, jhulten, jim_p, jodimuse, johno, karisu_sama, katyhh, kayshapero, khaosworks, kitanzi, koshmom, kshandra, ladyat, ladymondegreen, lysana, maedbh7, mannoftalent, mdlbear, merde, misdev, mnemex, nolly, nrivkis, nycajun, ohi, otherdeb, pafuts, poltr1, quadrivium, rmjwell, roja, rosefox, sdelmonte, sdorn, shannachie, spiritdance, surrdave, tarkrai, telynor, the_ogre, tigerbright, trektone, trystel, usfdorn, vaurien, yesthattom, zencuppa

List everyone on your friends list you've not met BUT with whom you've spoken on the phone: Possibly ceclay.

Anyone on LJ you can't stand? Yes, but they're not on my Friends list.

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: Just one???!? If I limit it to locals, it'd be klwalton, since she's the one local person on my Friends list I haven't met and we're both media folks, dog-people, and so forth.

Name LJ friends you're probably going to meet within the next few years: Depends upon who shows up at the next few Worldcons and other similar cons. I expect I'll meet a bunch of the New England-based folks in a little over a year.

Last person you added? yesthattom.

Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal? No.

Biggest pet peeve about LJ? People who kvetch about what someone puts in their own journal.

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