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Old Things; New Meanings

Last night I got all excited when I heard my garage door opening. "It's Warren!" I joyously thought to myself.

I then realized how much my life has changed since I first came out to California.

When I was married, the sound of the garage door meant:
  • My husband was home.
  • Kiss all privacy goodbye.
  • If online, get off as fast as possible before he decides to cut my computer access permanently.
  • If his dog is with me in the kitchen or on the bed, rectify the situation before my husband finds out and punishes him

When I was in junior high school, the question, "Are you `Lynn Gold?'" meant I was about to get beaten up. Today it's usually a friendly inquiry.

When I was married, my husband used to use the term "sport" to refer to my dog as a "runt" because she was small (even though I liked and wanted her that way!). After I left him "sport" in reference to her meant sleek, speedy, and economical.

My ex wouldn't eat quiche because he was a "real man." My boyfriend doesn't eat quiche because he's allergic to eggs.

My ex referred to me in his bio in the original Hacker's Dictionary as an "aspiring broadcast personality." I don't have to "aspire" any more; I'm there.

Some things really do get better with time.
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