Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

15 question meme

Shamelessly snarfed from lysana....

1. List the top five things that inflame your passions or emotions.
  • Really bad writing, especially when done by someone who should know better.
  • When someone on the radio or TV tells me to "log onto" a web site when there's no place to enter a username or password.
  • An idea for a song that won't let go.
  • Cooking a really handcrafted meal (such as homemade pasta).
  • Someone cancelling my Aqua Aerobics class.

2. Describe your future vision in one sentence.

If I could predict the future I'd be loaded.

3. Describe five things in which you experience joy.
  • My dog.
  • Making people laugh.
  • Getting positive response for my cooking.
  • Throwing big parties.
  • (Last but far from least) Making Warren happy.

4. List your five top life-goals.
  • Making money working as a broadcast news anchor.
  • Putting out a CD.
  • Getting my own TV show with a national or international-sized audience.
  • Marrying Warren.
  • Having Warren's children.

5. List your five top commitments (with time-spans if applicable).
  • Work - around 60 hours/week.
  • Sleep - I try for 8 hours/day; my body needs it.
  • Warren - Most of whatever awake-time is left.
  • Time with Lady - unknown; this often overlaps with the first three.
  • "Me" time - I try for a minimum of four hours/week. This includes Aqua Aerobics and my weekly "Hot Bunch For Dinner" outings.
  • </ul>

    6. Describe the fear that stops you from getting what you want.

    Fear of losing my house. Mortgages don't get paid with fame or dreams of it.

    7. List five things that occur to you like they are missing in your life.
    • Enough money to make ends meet.
    • Enough jobs so my friends and I can all be gainfully employed.
    • Perfect health for Warren.
    • The marriage certificate and the trappings that come with a healthy marriage.

    8. List five people who are positive role models for you.
    • Christine Craft - the TV-journalist-turned-lawyer and talk show host. She faced sexual and age discrimination, sued, and initially won. (Alas, the judgement was overturned on appeal.) When her news director ordered her to do the weather wearing a bathing suit, she did -- from the 1890s.
    • Phyllis Diller - an accomplished comedienne and concert pianist who didn't really make her break until she was in her 40s. Once she had money she started addressing her own self-image issues via plastic surgery. She's in her 80s and still kicks ass.
    • Mike Sugerman - a San Francisco radio (and sometimes TV) reporter who can pretty much do whaever he wants. Sugerman is best known for his off-the-wall feature stories that constantly win awards.
    • Barbra Streisand - she made it on talent first, looks second. When she didn't find roles she liked, she started producing her own films. She's also an accomplished director.
    • Bette Midler - another person who made it on talent first, looks second. She started out doing her own act in a gay bathhouse and developed a cult following. She can sing, act, and get laughs.

    9. List five people who are negative role models for you.
    • My father - He used to say, "Every time you hurt, you always go to the doctor. You're such a hypochondriac." He's dead now because he didn't.
    • Saddam Hussein - He's a creepy dictator.
    • George W. Bush - Just because he's President doesn't mean I look up to him. The man is a dogmatic idiot who's trying to force his idea of "God" on the rest of us.
    • My mother - Yes, she's a great cook, but I always saw her as the woman who got frumpy as soon as she got married. She never seemed to have any ambitions, and even when she pursued the food business, she gave it up. I love her dearly, but I used to look at her and think to myself, "That is not what I want to grow up to be."
    • Bill Cosby -- the man disowned one of his daughters for not meeting his "ideals," yet he cheated on his wife.

    10. List something you don't allow yourself to have because you believe it will just become a bitter or sad memory.

    I can't think of anything that fits this.

    11. List something you allow yourself to have even though you believe it will become a bitter or sad memory.

    See #10.

    12. Describe your moral, ethical or philosophical stance in one sentence.

    Be someone you can live with.

    13. What is the one thing that you would never, ever say in public?

    A racial or ethnic slur directed specifically at someone.

    14. What is the one thing that you would never, ever say to your lover?

    It's so cuuuute and teeny!

    15. What is the one thing you always say to everyone all the time?

    "No matter how bad things are, you could be in New Jersey!"

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