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Life is Weird

I'm having another of my "Lynn Luck" moments.

Last week I sent my PowerBook to Apple via Airborne Express. Yesterday Apple called my system "AWOL." Somehow they lost track of it somewhere between San Jose, CA, and Houston, TX.

I have to wait at least another day or two before they figure out whether they're going to find it. This, after I'd bought an extra 256MB and had the hard drive upgraded to 30GB.

The opposite end of the luck stream: The guy at Apple Customer Support told me if they don't find my system, they'll replace it with "the closest equivalent." I asked if that meant an iBook, and he said, "No. We replace PowerBooks with PowerBooks."

If they don't have any G3 PowerBooks like mine, he said they'll have to replace it with a Titanium G4 PowerBook.

Meanwhile, my intestines have been on fire from all the spicy food I've been eating to clear my sinuses, so dinner was scrambled eggs, tea, and butter cookies for dessert. Hopefully the cookies will knock me out soon, as I need to be at work extra early tomorrow to meet a 4pm deadline.

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