Thunderbird problem

On my Windoze box (XP Professional), Thunderbird suddenly lost all my folders in my IMAP mailbox. I've tried tweaking the profiles, editing the profiles, deleting the .msf files from the profiles, and deleting and re-creating the mailbox -- to no avail.

How can I get Thunderbird to access all my folders again? They're still on the server (it's a Linux-based IMAP server and I've got shell access).

Any and all help would be appreciated.


When I go to "subscribe" to the folders under my IMAP folder, they don't exist, even when I click "refresh".

I have tried removing and recreating my mailbox to no avail; it still comes up as if the folders don't exist when I try to "subscribe" to them.

Time for a foodie entry

I've been doing a lot more cooking over the last few months, and I figure I ought to share a little bit.

This week I got to try out a Vidalia Chop Wizard at Warren's house. He didn't know his folks even had one. I used it to make soup this week, and it worked like a champ. You have to cut vegetables down to size, but that didn't surprise me. Whoever bought it had thrown out the box and whatever documentation came with it, so I didn't know it was dishwasher-safe. Still, I was very impressed. When I can justify the expense, I Want One.

I've been looking at food choppers. Grandmom used to have a device similar to the "Slap Chop" for chopping nuts, so I was curious. I tested out a "Slap Chop" this week and was underwhelmed, as the thing didn't rotate as promised. I also tested one by Cuisinart and couldn't get the thing back together. The only one that appears to be dishwasher-safe is the KitchenAid one. More research is necessary. I made the mistake of buying a food chopper for $5 at the Grocery Outlet, only to find out the chopper I bought doesn't rotate. Meh. Useless. The garlic stuck to it. I want the performance Brian Boitano gets with his, which apparently was under $20.

This past week's soup was French Lentil with Turkey Kielbasa. Collapse )

The soup was a major hit. Everyone took seconds. I was able to let it cook while I did other things (like work, help Warren's mother, work, eat, work....).
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Silicon '09 review

The short version:

What if somebody threw a great convention and hardly anybody came?

The longer version:

Silicon was both fun and depressing. I heard that there were around 500-600 attendees, but until the evening, they seemed to get swallowed up by the Doubletree, which is no longer right-sized for this convention. The convention had negotiated a reduced parking fee of $8.00 which didn't include in and out privileges. That was IMHO $8.00/day too much to pay to park my car.

[Disclaimer: I missed Friday. I was busy running errands and was too tired when the day was over to party. Most of what I caught was Saturday with some Sunday.]

It could have been that the economy played a large part. Most of the folks I came across were either unemployed, underemployed, had received notice that there was a pending layoff where they were working, or had taken a pay cut in the last year. It seemed more like the publicity was lacking. The folks in charge know there were problems with the web site, but there are other ways to publicize a convention. Heck, I've been involved with local press in one way or another since the late 1980s, so I know how to publicize something and what gets an assignment editor's attention. The lack of people milling around when I arrived and the small-sized dealer's room and art show were kind of depressing. Still, when times suck, folks like me come to the convention to network and, most of all, to get our minds off our current situation. In this, the convention succeeded marvelously.

The panels and science exhibits were excellent. The guests were excellent, especially the toastmaster, kproche, who could liven up a funeral. Getting to bring Lady was a plus, and she enjoyed the con, too, save for her "costume" as the "Killer Rabbit" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" as part of the "Knights of the Log Table" team. She smiled on stage as I got to announce, "The teeth are real," then as soon as she got off the stage, she shook her body and "removed" her costume. Folks got photos, and I hope they get posted.

Lady and I spent most of the night at KJEve's Karaoke party. We missed the San Jose Westercon party, which I heard later was the only one with anything approaching food (if you call crackers and dip "food"). Lady and I eventually nibbled on the crackers (which hurt a bit for me to do, but we were both famished), which had made their way to the winning Ultra Fanzine Lounge. Most of the parties had pretty good wine, however. We also spent time in the Internet Lounge, which was staffed by really sharp and helpful folks. I was trying to do some tricky and oddball things, and I wound up putting them through their paces.

The highlight of the convention for me was that karaoke party. At one point a guy dressed as Captain Kirk from the original "Star Trek" was singing Prince's "When Doves Cry" when a small group of large, burly Klingon guys walked in behind him from the terrace and started giving him strange looks. The whole room was doubling over laughing while the Captain Kirk guy was totally oblivious to what was going on until one of them wrapped his arm around him. The Captain Kirk guy didn't miss a beat and kept going to the point where he had four Klingons dancing behind him at the end of the song. Folks were snapping photos; I think someone even caught some of it on a portable video camera. If it shows up on the net I'll point to it.

My only significant complaints were the lack of a filk track and the menu at the hotel's coffeeshop, which has gone way downhill. The "baby menu" they served this weekend sucked because it was too limited and too pricey at once. There was only one item on the menu I could eat, and that was the Popcorn Shrimp appetizer for a whopping $12. The "entrees" on the menu were all burgers or sandwiches, both of which are painful for me to eat. If I could have parsed it, the "obvious" item to have ordered would have been the burger with bacon and cheese. I don't know whose idea the limited menu was, but folks, you need to serve real food. Caesar salad with dead animal in it for $14 does not constitute "real food." If it involves my having to chomp through a piece of thick or hard bread, it's not "real food." If it is hard to chew or mostly involves parsing with my mouth and not with utensils, it's not "real food."

I missed Sunday's programming because I had already planned to go elsewhere, but I'd heard the Match Game SF rocked. Later that day I went to BASFA's 1000th meeting, which was fun.

To the folks who run Silicon: You have a great convention. You make money for really good causes. Now we just need to get the rest of the planet in on it.
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Writer's Block: Commercial Appeal

What is your favorite commercial from your childhood? Bonus points if you include a video of it.
I can't find video of it, but there was a commercial in the 1960s they showed a few times during Saturday morning cartoons.

The setting: A group of kids, both male and female, run out of the house and onto an outdoor swingset -- only dressed in underwear. As they do this, some lady is singing the following to "Happy Birthday:"
Happy Underwear to you
Happy Underwear to you
Long wearing, easy caring
Happy Underwear to you.
I will never know where tehy found a bunch of kids willing to go running around in their undies on national television

Medical question

Given someone experiencing the following:
  • a couple of ulcers on their big toe
  • infected bone underneath the ulcers
  • when they go to the hospital they are suddenly diagnosed with Type II diabetes
  • they have never been treated with antibiotics for the toe
  • there's cellulitis (infected skin) on the top of the affected toe and foot
Can this person's big toe possibly be saved, or does it have to be amputated?

More to the point, is cutting off the big toe hyper-aggressive treatment if antibiotics weren't tried first?

I'm trying to find this out ASAP for a friend who looks like he's about to have his big toe lopped off this afternoon.

Privilege Meme

Ganked from firecat....

Instructions and Scoring

Take the questions one at a time. Don’t relate them to any before or after.

Add 1 point if the item describes your situation (Y)

Subtract 1 point if it does not (N)

Put zero (0) if it does not relate to your situation (ie if you have no children and the question relates to children or if cell phones were not available at the time mentioned).
Collapse )

My score is around 49. I had to guess a few of the questions (for example, how do you answer if your father had a doctorate-level degree other than a PhD?) and wasn't sure what to do when both yes and no applied to some (significant other and myself within the same ethnic community, as both "yes" and "no" apply, given that we're both multi-ethnic).

The healing continues

I'm now in the "feeling congested" stage. The dressings don't need to be changed much, but my ears are blocked and my nose is all stuffy. The nature of the dressing on my nose is such that I now know what it's like to have a big moustache.

The "sinus headache" I had this morning appears to have been mostly a caffeine headache. The iced coffee I had seemed to nuke it rather quickly. Given that I had no coffee or cola yesterday, this doesn't surprise me.

I had recorded some movies for the purpose of keeping myself in bed, and now I'm slowly going through them. It's hard to see over the dressing, and when I have to ice my head, I am rendered into a state of "Helen Keller" because I can barely hear and cannot see through the ice pack.

Still, I can't begin to gloat about how I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my body. I had been fighting what had amounted to a non-stop sinus infection for over half a year, and I feel a marked difference. My brain is still a tad foggy from the congestion, but various parts of me (even my foot reflexology points!) that had been affected are feeling great. My ability to focus my eyes has markedly improved, too.

Warren thinks I'm "brave." My mother does, too. IMHO there was no "bravery" involved. I didn't have to worry about the wrong organ being operated on, I didn't have to worry about being anything other than "intact" after surgery, and I knew there'd be no scars. At this point whether I work at home or in the office Tuesday will be more contingent on whether I need to change my dressing alot or whether I look gross than how I feel. I will likely do some work from home tomorrow just to take some pressure off myself.

My friend Phil, who is two weeks ahead of me in his own recovery from the same kind of surgery, suggested chocolate pudding as something easy and fun to eat. I expect to make some a little later, although right now I'm craving something not-sweet and am not sure how I want to deal with that. Yesterday's salad went down the easiest of the various parts of dinner, so I might try to make a wilted spinach salad with a raspberry or blackberry vinaigrette (yes, I have such stuff in my cupboards!).
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Sinus surgery successful

I'll be brief because I'd rather not get gross.

I was prepared. I put on good underwear. I wore a skirt and a red top, blazer, and sandals so I wouldn't have to worry about stains. This turned out to be a major win.

The sinus surgery went well. I came in with a killer sinus headache and awoke without one. Dr. Burt said that despite my diligent cleaning of my passages with a neti cup this morning it was "gross." It took me a long time to eat afterwards because I had to keep going to the bathroom to change dressings. I'm finding the easiest things to eat are those that are frozen liquids, such as ice cream and sorbet, preferably without chunks of stuff to choke on while I try to breathe and eat at the same time.
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Michael Jackson parody

Those of you who speculated that I'd already come up with a parody were right.

I performed it several times at Fiestacon and got laughs. Trying to moonwalk on carpeting while wearing rubber-soled shoes isn't easy.

Anyhow, for those of you who are curious...Collapse )
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